How not to tell your customers about GDPR

How not to tell your customers about GDPR

Pro tip: Don’t forward you customers to a 4000 words / 10 page website like SJ (The Swedish Railways) just did.

Ah. Spring is here, and with it the new European General Data Protection Regulation. Yes, I agree, saying it out loud sounds like you just sneezed because of too much pollen. Or you’re just annoyingly good at scrabble.

So, what is so particularly bad about SJs announcement of GPDR and how it effects their customers? Well, uh… Nothing. I expect it to be one of the better information campaigns about the subject. It’s just that I crave more. Or rather, less. In the «less is more» kinda way.

Let me explain:

The last thing we need is what amounts to an encouragement to read another 10 pages of terms and conditions. At the very least, do not add a big green button at the bottom of the email inviting people to click it. No. Be a respectable citizen and hide it. Like we normally do in the industry. Along with the aforementioned terms and conditions, in small letters in the footer of the email. So that everyone understands, this is not something they have to read, unless they really want to.

Anything else is a breach of our de facto agreed upon netiquette and a waste of everyone’s time.

Now go and stop your scheduled email campaign and fix it! Before you needlessly waste your client’s and your company’s time.