How I use Gqueues for GTD

This is a very short write up of how I use for GTD.
Each area of responsibility gets it’s own category
Horizons of focus get a category
Checklists get a category
And errands gets a category

Under categories I assign a queue to each project
Tasks and subtasks

Under each queue I assign subprojects and tasks in whatever detail I see fit.

I use tags to track different aspects of my tasks
Statuses start with a !
– ! (Next action)
– !wf (Waiting for)
– !gtb (Get back to)
– !project  (Handy for seeing all projects in one flat list and being able to add next actions during the weekly review if somethings have been overlooked.
Context start with @

– @offline
– @office
– @phone
Errands start with €
– €postoffice
– €foodstore
– €hardwarestore
People start with §
In addition I have a list of people added that start with §. I use one for each person who depends on me or where I depend on them for something. Adding the !wf (waiting for) or !gtb(get back to) according to whether I should get back to them when something is done or if I am waiting for them to do something.

On the phone I have added the Gqueues app for easy access via my phone. The the widgets it works beatifully.

In Gmail I have added the chrome plugin and If I don’t have a queue set up for a project already I just add the !project tag, forward the email to gqueues and flesh out the project details in my gqueues inbox. Then I move it to its own queue or add it as a sub-project to an existing queue. 

This setup has been pruned and perfected for maybe two years now and has worked very well for me the couple of months. 

My main complaint is that the tags can’t have  their own hirarchy. Making the Tags list very long in my case. Luckily the auto complete feature saves me some what from scrolling the list of tags.

I hope it can help someone else implement GTD in Gqueues. Feedback is very much appreciated.

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